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Key Team Members

Dominick Tomanelli

Co-Founder/CEO at Promobile Kitchen

As Co-Founder and CEO, Dominick provides overarching strategic direction for Promobile Kitchen. Leveraging years of prior business and project management experience, he focuses on big picture strategy, bringing a cohesiveness and structure to the Promobile brand. Specializing in organizational management and shepherding Promobile Kitchen’s financial strategy, he ensures that all company decisions are on target.

With an eye on the future, Dominick serves as the company’s innovator and leader by always seeking new ways to drive the business forward.


John Miholics

Co-Founder/Executive Chef at Promobile Kitchen

A graduate of the renowned Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), John serves as Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Promobile Kitchen. He spearheads all menu development efforts for Promobile, including ordering and purchasing food, securing wait staff, and crafting menus across a range of cuisines.

John collaborates with clients to understand their key objectives and then strategically crafts a menu aligned with their brand goals. No genre of food is too challenging; he is always looking for creative new ways to execute dishes and bring that wow factor.


Giovanni Martinez

Director of Client Services at Promobile Kitchen

As Director of Client Services, Giovanni works intimately with clients to understand their objectives and shape experiential marketing strategies that leave a lasting impression. Serving as the liaison between clients and the Promobile team, he manages events from ideation to execution, ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch. He serves as the ultimate support system, advising clients on their best foot forward and leveraging Promobile’s extensive capabilities to achieve their goals.

Adam Kramer

Service Coordinator at Promobile Kitchen

Like an air traffic controller for our mobile promotional efforts, Adam oversees all moving parts so that everyone works together to reach goals on time. He keeps the team in line with client needs, while keeping clients informed of progress when the team is working on-site or on the road. Apart from providing essential updates, his IT experience informs his ability to troubleshoot and develop solutions.

Adam enriches our team by using the latest technology to facilitate communication and streamline project processes, working to make everyone’s lives easier, and every promotional effort a slam dunk.